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Strategic Vision for Grid Interoperability Published

To advance the integration of smart technology in the electric power sector, grid modernization stakeholders must first agree on a common vision of the concepts, structures, and characteristics for interoperability. To that end, the Grid Modernization Laboratory Consortium issued its Interoperability Strategic Vision whitepaper in March 2018.  The 20-page paper describes the desired future state of an interoperable grid, how that vision can be applied to distributed energy resources (DERs), and which tools and techniques can be used to advance that vision.

The vision applies throughout the energy generation, delivery, and end-use supply chain, including interactive technologies and business processes that involve millions of connected devices and systems.  Once a vision is agreed upon, the whitepaper offers a framework for developing a stakeholder roadmap to achieve that vision, including measuring the state of interoperability; identifying gaps; and prioritizing technologies, policies, and timelines.

The whitepaper summarizes and advances concepts presented in a 2017 GMLC draft report, Interoperability Strategic Vision: Enabling an Interactive Grid.

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Interoperability Strategic Vision a GMLC White Paper

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Date: May 8, 2018
Type of News: Project Highlight