Technical Areas

Six broad technical areas cover the scope of GMLC research and are the core of the DOE’s Grid Modernization Initiative. Each of these areas is equally important and represented by an integrated team that performs research within their own area and coordinates across the other technical areas.

  • Design and Planning Tools - create grid planning tools that integrate tranmission and distribution system dynamics over a variety of time and spatial scales
  • Devices and Integrated Systems Testing - develop devices and integrated systems at a variety of scales while addressing cost-effective storage technogies, functionality, and interoperability
  • Institutional Support - provide tools and data that enable more informed decisions and reduce risks on key issues that influence the future of the electric grid/power sector
  • Security and Resilience - develop advanced security solutions and real-time incident response capabilities for emerging technologies and systems.
  • Sensing and Measurements - develop tools and strategies to gain full visibility of the grid; develop technology including advanced low-cost sensors, analytics, and visualization