Devices and Integrated Systems Testing

Devices and systems on both sides of the electric meter can help the grid function more efficiently, manage variable generation, and be more resilient under adverse conditions.

Research within this technical area falls under four main activities with related goals.

Activity 1: Develop Advanced Storage Systems, Power Electronics, and Devices

Goal:  Increase electric grid flexibility, reliability, resiliency, and asset utilization by making step changes in the performance of grid-connected devices and technologies

Activity 2: Develop Standards and Test Procedures

Goal: Work with standards development organizations (SDOs) to accelerate the development and validation of standards and test procedures for device interoperability, performance, and safety

Activity 3: Build Testing Capabilities / Test and Validate Devices

Goal: Develop a testing infrastructure and validate device performance in both the laboratory and the field using the developed standards and test procedures

Activity 4: Test and Validate Integrated Systems at multiple scales

Goal: Ensure that integrated systems of devices and controls are able to connect, communicate, and operate in a coordinated fashion at multiple scales