Federated Architecture for Secure and Transactive Distributed Energy Resource Management Solutions (FAST-DERMS)

This document provides system-level specifications for a federated architecture for secure and transactive distributed energy resource management solutions (FAST-DERMS), presents a solution, and describes operational concepts for the proposed solution. FAST-DERMS enables the provision of reliable, resilient, and secure transmission and distribution (T&D) grid services through the scalable aggregation and near-real-time management of utility-scale and small-scale distributed energy resources (DERs). We first present the principles and objectives of FAST-DERMS. Then, after discussing important system concepts, we present the specifications for FAST-DERMS and a solution that employs a distributed and federated control methodology in which the DERs connected to a single point of common coupling with the rest of the system, such as individual substations, are optimized coordinately to provide system-level grid services. FAST-DERMS aims to aggregate and coordinate the operations of DERs to support T&D grid operations. The key optimization and control component of this FAST-DERMS reference implementation is a flexible resource scheduler (FRS) that aggregates the DERs within a substation service area. These FRSs operate at the substation level and perform constrained economic dispatch of DERs, either directly or through a transactive market or aggregator, as shown in Figure ES-1. An FRS Coordinator at the distribution system operator (DSO) level aggregates distribution substations operated by FRSs and interfaces with the transmission system operator (TSO) to provide transmission services. FAST-DERMS also allows for the integration of the FRS Coordinator with an existing distribution utility management system that could be employed by the DSO to enhance distribution grid operations.