Clean Energy and Transactive Campus Peer Review Presentation

Starting in 2016, PNNL, the University of Washington, and Washington State University will develop and test a range of transactive control activities on each of the three campuses.  They will also develop the ability to coordinate across these three campuses to provide coordinated services to the Pacific Northwest power system and their serving distribution utilities based upon the transactive response of key loads on the campuses.  The UW will emphasize energy storage and coordination for peak management and provision of flexibility.  The WSU campus will leverage its microgrid and major campus loads and thermal storage to deliver transactive response.  And PNNL will advance controls in its System Engineering Building and other campus buildings to help the City of Richland better manage its demand limits.  In 2017, Phase 2 of the project expands to include three new Ohio partners—Case Western Reserve University, the University of Toledo and the NASA Glenn Research Center.