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Grid Architecture

The Grid Architecture project objectives are to provide a set of architectural depictions, tools, and skills to the utility industry and its extended stakeholders to develop a national consensus on grid modernization and to provide a common basis for roadmaps, investments, technology and platform developments, and new capabilities, products and services for the modernized grid. Every commission, regulator, utility, product and platform vendor, energy services provider, and integrator understands the importance of these efforts.

Expected Outcomes include:

  1. Build stakeholder consensus around a DOE-convened vision of grid modernization, expressed as a new set of grid reference architectures

  2. Enable superior stakeholder decision-making to reduce risk of poor functionality and stranded investments

  3. Provide a used and useful framework for GMLC projects

  4. Establish and achieve industry acceptance for the use of Grid Architecture work products and methodologies for grid modernization

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Project Quick Facts

Topic ID: 1.2.1
Technical Area: Operations
Funding : $3 Million
Duration: 3 Years
Status: Current

Technical Project Team

  • Arjun Shankar,

Project Partners

Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)
Smart Energy Power Alliance (SEPA)
Utilities Technology Council (UTC)
Omnetric Group
California ISO
Great River Energy

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