Resilient Alaskan Distribution System Improvements using Automation, Network Analysis, Control, and Energy Storage (RADIANCE)

The Need. Distribution systems require improved resilience under dynamic conditions.

Objective. This project will execute a full-scale deployment of advanced technologies and methods for resiliency-enhanced operation of the regional distribution grid in the City of Cordova, Alaska, under harsh weather, cyber-threats, and dynamic grid conditions. The deployment will use multiple networked microgrids, energy storage, and early-stage grid technologies. This project introduces the concept of resilience-by-design, i.e., incorporating a cyber-secure resilience framework with real-time sensing and controls at the design stage. 

Planned Outcome. Field validation will minimize the deployment risk of modern power and cyber technologies, and field data will provide insights into practical use of resilience metrics. Using zonal approaches in multiple loosely and tightly networked microgrids will increase grid resilience and resources.