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Systems Research Supporting Standards and Interoperability

The objective of the proposed project is to address the considerable uncertainty regarding the degree to which PEVs can provide grid services and mutually benefit the electric utilities, PEV owners, and auto manufacturers. How can the potential benefits be unlocked without negative unintended consequences? This project will answer this question by leveraging capabilities of multiple national laboratories with vehicle/grid integration (VGI) to perform hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) studies that integrate communication and control system hardware with simulation and analysis activities.

Project Quick Facts

Topic ID: GM0085
Technical Area: Operations
Funding : $3 Million
Duration: 2.5 Years

Technical Project Team

  • Andrew Meintz,
  • Doug Black,
  • Jason Harper,
  • Keith Hardy,
  • Rick Pratt,
  • Rob Hovaspian,
  • Samveg Saxena,
  • Yusheng Luo,

Project Partners

Bonneville Power Administration (BPA)
DTE Energy
University of Delaware
Siemens Corporation
California Energy Commission
USDRIVE Grid Interaction Technical Team

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